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The True Cost

The True Cost

I found my self watching this movie with tears running down my cheeks.

Not the most encouraging way to pursuade you to watch it. But what it will do is make you think twice before adding muti buy T shirts to your basket.

The movie covers a distressing overview of the consequences of our addiction and the normalisation of fast fashion.

What the True cost portrays is  a portrait of exploitation that ought to make us more nauseated than elated over quick un-wallet denting purchases.

To learn who is paying for our bargains, The movie dives to the bottom of the supply chain, to the garment factories of Cambodia and Bangladesh and the cotton fields of India, where he links ecological and health calamities to zealous pesticide use. 

Garment workers subsisting on less than $3 a day recount beatings by bosses who resent unionization and requests for higher wages. 

At the same time, a factory owner in Bangladesh — where the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza building caused more than 1,000 deaths — tells us candidly that when retailers squeeze him, he must squeeze his employees.

A visit to Haiti, where millions of tons of our castoff clothing have clogged landfills and destroyed the local clothing industry, makes us wonder how much worse these people’s lives could become.

It is my hope that as we have grown in the last years to understand what we are eating and the providence of ingrediants that we will be the same with the fashion industry.

When clients feel my fabrics and know the mills that they have come from - in fact not just the mill but the owners, location and specializations. I see their eyes light up.

Be prepared after watching this you feel uncomfortable, I believe as humans it is our duty to take on some of the responsibility that the retailers are refusing too.

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