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Enchanted Birds

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We are delighted to launch the ‘English Chinoiserie’ collection; a collaboration between two bespoke artists

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Chinoiserie became fashionable in England during the 18th Century displaying fanciful interpretations of Chinese landscapes, plants, gardens & birds. Entire rooms soon became full of life and whimsy

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Today, Frederick Wimsett creates captivating hand painted chinoiserie murals that feature in the homes of Kate Moss, Alice Temperley & Cozmo Jenks to name just a few.

Pip and Frederick's ‘English Chinoiserie’ collection is a romantic depiction of English beauty, where Roses and Robins are intertwined with oak leaves and flying pheasants

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The enchanting artwork can be found upon the softest cashmere and silk scarves and lining Pip’s 'made for you’ collection. Bespoke ‘made with you’ clients may recreate the pattern in their own individual choice of colours

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