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Bespoke Journey

Meet & Measure

Measurements taken

Client is photographed

Various designs are discussed


Select Fabrics

Cloth, lining and buttons chosen



Design developed on paper

Review with client


Calico Toile

The approved design is used to cut cotton Calico cloth, which is sewn together to complete a Toile: a single layer full sized garment without detailing to the client’s measurements


First Fitting

The calico toile is reviewed by Pip and the Client for fit and design

Pattern Creation

Approved toile calico is cut to cardboard pattern pieces

Cardboard pattern is cut


Cut Cloth and Make

The cardboard pattern is used to cut the chosen cloth

Cloth, linings and accessories are assembled into a garment


Second Fitting

Minor adjustments made for fit

Hand Finishing

Buttonholes are hand bound and finished

Buttons are attached, with backing buttons, using waxed threads.  

Pip Howeson pheasant icon


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