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Ultimately collectable, we collaborate with the most notable British artists to offer wearable works of art. Made and hand finished just outside London and delightfully packaged, they make wonderful gifts for yourself or a friend

Presentation of finished garment Taking measurements of client for bespoke garment Design is cut out and pinned to a mannequin Garment is pressed with iron Woman admiring coat in mirror Choosing cloth, lining and buttons Buttons are attached, with backing buttonsand using waxed threads Design developed on paper reviewed with client Machinist stitches garment Tailor uses a cardboard pattern to cut the chosen cloth
Tailor makes adjustments to fit

Designed for you, forever.

Pip Howeson tailors coats, jackets, dresses and skirts to your exacting requirements.

With your vision and our meticulous approach, experience and commitment to sourcing the best of British textiles, our garments are both instant classics and innately unique.

Bespoke Tailoring

Pip Howeson offers three levels of bespoke tailoring depending on the precise level of customisation you require


Made to Order

Simply choose your perfect fabric and cut from our collection and send us your selections along with your measurements for a truly statement piece.


Custom Made

For those who want a little more creative input. In a face to face meeting, you can choose from a collection piece or mix and match different elements from across the collection. By taking the collar from one and the sleeve from another, you can ensure a garment that reflects and highlights the subtle nuances that distinguish your individual figure and taste.


Utterly Bespoke

The option for those who want the ultimate in fit and finish; a garment that is truly their own. The process is entirely flexible and your design will emerge from a combination of your creative flair and Pip’s tailoring expertise.


Wrap up in the softest of tweeds, cashmeres and plaids to stroll though our winter garden before nesting in front of a roaring fire.

The Collection


Our range of bespoke garments is presented as outline blueprints, just waiting for you to choose the fabrics, linings and trimmings.



The Portfolio

The Collection 2015 Made for the softest of Cashmeres from one of England's greatest Mills.

Pip Howeson Portrait

Pip Howeson

Pip Howeson is a tailoring perfectionist. At the core of her vision lies a commitment to protecting and promoting the practices and traditions of the artisanal British textile industries. She regularly scours Britain for new fabrics and undiscovered, artisanal mills. She also continues to engage and collaborate with weavers and master tailors to drive innovation and develop her craft.


British mills remain the world standard. Pip’s exclusive reliance on the finest of these British fabrics ensures that we can craft garments of incomparable quality that will last a lifetime of wear.

Needle and button

Pip the Stitch

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Chanel at the Saatchi

4th December ′15

A friend and I have been longing to see Chanel at the Saatchi, however whilst whizzing to clients in Chelsea the hoards of people in Duke of York square was rather a deterrent.  We decided one early morning was the best solution; and we were right.  The queue…  read more

A smoking jacket with a difference.

27th October ′15

Recently I was lucky enough to receive an extremely interesting commission. The piece in question was to be made from dark green forest velvet… but this is where the standard smoking jacket departed. The piece was influenced by the owner’s German hunting jacket that he had inherited…  read more


Pip Howeson pops up at events in London and across England, providing you with the chance to meet Pip and view the collection


2nd December 2015

Boutique Noel

13th—15th November 2015

The Cheltenham Open

2nd—8th November 2015

Spirt of Christmas



There are presently no events scheduled. If you know of an event we should attend, please contact us.
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