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Art offers to us an intrinsic divinity. It’s ancient language can reach depths of our souls that words will never dare tread and can stir some of the deepest emotions within us. Art can transport us across time and culture, reawaken half-forgotten memories, challenge our perception of reality and remind us of the eclectic combination of sorrow and euphoria that makes up our very existence.

On our own journey at Pip Howeson we have had the honour of drawing alongside some of the most admirable British artists of our time. Sharing a mutual desire to encapsulate our distinctive culture through our own creative trades, it seemed natural that a collaborative project, the Scarfist in Residence, was birthed. We are delighted to announce that in the coming season we will be commissioning the most notable and prestigious of these artists and transforming their work into exclusive lines of luxury scarves; wearable artworks.   

To launch, and becoming our very first ‘Scarfist in Residence', is the thoroughly audacious and whimsically charming Jeremy Houghton. Jeremy masters both figurative and abstract print, projecting negative space to fancifully stir nostalgia for our national heritage. A recent Artist in Residence at Highgrove for HRH The Prince of Wales, he managed to capture rural charm to perfection.

Our limited edition line will offer three of his artworks on silk and cashmere scarves.The profits going to the Kennel club. 

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