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Luttrell's Tower, Eaglehurst

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Tower Life

Looking for a perfect weekend escape? Need to bring some Famous Five back into your life? 

Lurking in the James Bond bady named estate ‘Eaglehurst’ is Luttrell’s tower. Built for no other purpose than pleasure, the tower looks over the Solent to Cowes. The tower is hugely romantic, complete with an underground passage to the sea and glorious gates to the beach. By day it is the perfect place to lie on the roof, barbequing fish and counting the ships going by. As evening settles we love nothing more than to light a roaring fire and converse over a glass of Rosé.

The Landmark Trust, as ever, does an excellent job of restoring such buildings as Luttrell’s tower. They have chosen the perfect admiral blue shade for the door and equipped the tower with all you could need catering-wise (although an icebox is a good addition for any Famous Fivers who prefer cold Chablis to lukewarm ginger beer). My friend and Walpole colleague Geoffrey Preston might even be impressed by the plasterwork around the oval window. 

Being not quite summer in England, and being devoted to my Cecily 450gm weight cashmere coat, I find myself wrapped up warmly, sitting on the steps and looking out to sea. It is so grounding. What is it about the sea that humbles us? The sculptor Antony Gormley’s life figures would be perfect looking out in reflection over this particular coast.

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