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The Mary Coat

Pip Howeson Mary Coat Velvet Collar

This is the first blog on our beautiful new site. So appropriately it is about one of the first pieces that I made. The Mary Coat and the Penelope Coat are pattern cousins.

The three meters of fabric that belong to the Mary's skirt actually started with four on the Penelope coat. This gave it a huge swing but a whole new meaning to 'fit and flare'!

So, let’s start with the fabric that we have cut this Mary Coat from,. It is a Irish Tweed from the Magee Mill made with 20% cashmere with a bold purple stripe.

The deep velvet collar with its stitched detail deserves more than a moments’ reflection. 

This Bespoke piece now belongs to the incredibly elegant Caroline who wears it to weddings and racings. Although she hasn't  specifically  told me, I think she additionally wears it to chauffeur her hunter around.

Pip Howeson Mary Coat Back

The velvet belt also has the most stunning stitching.

The collar and lapel joint at the tips giving a unique curve. 

Pip Howeson Mary Coat Belt Detail

Very narrow at the waist and with a lengthening bust dart running all the way through to the hem. 

This coat has a panel cut back with a centre back seam and a back belt. 

The panel cutting means it works as beautifully in a silk as in a cashmere plaid.

Its not just Caroline who loves this exclusive fabric but another client far less lightly to chauffeur his hunter about on which it has been spotted in Soho & beyond.

Stephen Fry Ft

Stephen Fry Soho

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