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Green velvet smoking jacket

Recently I was lucky enough to receive an extremely interesting commission. The piece in question was to be made from dark green forest velvet… but this is where the standard smoking jacket departed. The piece was influenced by the owner’s German hunting jacket that he had inherited from his Father.

Img 3019

The Owners fathers jacket.

Img 2646

I love these jackets – functional with a twist. Traditionally worn as tracht in Bavaria, they are as elegant as they are functional. Having researched in depth I have not found one in velvet. I believe his to be the first. The owner lives in Scotland and wanted the jacket to gently reflect his surroundings. The horn buttons were made only 20 miles from the owner’s home.


This beautiful bespoke piece will faithfully accompany its owner to elegant parties for his lifetime.


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We printed our pheasant silk fabric in a deep forest green and piped the collar in green silk. The pièce de résistance, however, was the collar embroidery. Working with the immensely talented Hawthorne and Heany, we created an oak leaf pattern that was woven in with a little raised padding.



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