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Peterborough hound show

The stands at the Peterborough Hound Show are full of vintage hunting finds. Examples include: side saddle habits, wonderfully patina’ed boots and leather whips from Spinneys at Greetham. A vintage book shop houses some beautifully clad leather covered books with gold embossing containing all manner of hunting lore. Jonny Beardsall’s stand of ‘killer hats from pre-loved furs’ is a real treasure trove. The antique buttons on Anne Corbetts’ stand are a stunning example of the art of engraving.

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Hounds in the ring

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The show has hounds of all types: fox hounds, beagles and deerhounds. The temptation to ‘borrow’ and bring back to London a fell pack hound was almost too strong. Alongside this is a horse show with wonderful brightly painted wagons in the heavy horse class.

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A wolf hound takes a break.

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A collection of Ann's hunt buttons

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